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3M™ Glass Pre-Treatment

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Tag: Ceramic Coating

3M™ Glass Pre-Treatment is used to prepare a vehicle windshield to receive a layer of 3M™ Ceramic Coating. Used together these products will provide durable water repellency.

Does not reduce clarity or create light diffusion, blurring or rainbow effect

  • Apply to clean vehicle windshield before adding a layer of 3M™ Ceramic Coating 39901
  • Provides for durable water repellency when used as a pre-treatment with 3M™ Ceramic Coating 39901
  • 4 fl oz bottle can pre-treat glass for up to 4 vehicles
  • 1-year durability on non-wiper blade zone auto glass - 2-month durability under wipe blade zone during rainy season daily use - 6-month durability under wiper blade zone during normal use
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