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AWF Installer Kit

Installation Tools- Auto
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Product Details

This kit has been meticulously selected by industry leading professionals for novice or pro automotive tinters, This kit includes the necessary tools to begin tinting in the automotive industry.

Kit Includes
1 x GT1054 NT A-300GR Aluminum Knife
1 x GT115 10 Pack Olfa Blades
1 x GT1058 5" Fusion Grip Handle-Short Handle
1 x GT258 5" Cropped Orange Crush
1 x GT083 Lil' Chizler (Pink)
1 x GT097 32 oz. Bottle
1 x GT098N Maxi Trigger Sprayer
1 x GT138 Heavy Duty 1" Razor Scraper
1 x GT140 Single Edge Blades
1 x GT2086Black Fusion Black Turbo Pro 5 1/2?
1 x GT2083Black Fusion Black Turbo Pro 3 1/2?
1 x GT194 Gasket Push Stick
1 x GT205 BULLDOZER I (Automotive)
1 x GT1064 Hard Card W/Felt
1 x GT086 White Hard Card Squeegee
1 x GT176 Waist Apron
1 X GT250 Furno 300 Dual Temp Heat Gun
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